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The Playbook (Hard Copy + Digital)
  • The Playbook (Hard Copy + Digital)


    If you’re a high performing sales pro, then the livelihood of your company depends on your ability to consistently achieve sales goals. 


    You’ve no room for stagnation, no respect for average and no appreciation for going backwards. Your results have no time for anything but the best.


    But what is needed – what you have all the time in the world for – is any chance to develop and hone your sales skills just that 1% further than the rest.


    But we ask, why stop at just 1%?


    What if you could hit fast forward and own a collective 15+ years’ worth of sales training, coaching and development methodologies, currently delivered by two of Australia’s most sought after sales mentors?


    What if those methodologies were responsible for the training of over 10,000 sales professionals and business owners all around the world.


    Well, if that were the case then you’d be wise to just ask one remaining question:

    “This all sounds well and good, but what results has it helped people to achieve?”


    We’re glad you asked.


    The Sales Playbook – now publicly available for the first time ever – is responsible for the generation of over $850 million+ in fresh sales revenue (and counting…).


    And now, you can access this entire 500+ slide deck, complete with all of Steve Claydon and Darcy J Smyth’s most refined and successful sales, marketing and business development concepts for a single payment of $47.00


    Yes, the entire thing. All of it. The complete and whole Sales Playbook. 


    Continual growth is critical in the game of sales.


    The Sales Playbook doesn’t just have you covered for that extra 1% - it’s here to unlock a sales potential within you that’s been waiting for years to come out. 


    On Page 338 you’ll be introduced to The Deal Clock. With this in hand, you can say goodbye to 'winging it' on that next must win deal.


    On Page 162 you’ll become a master of picking which opportunities to focus on. Use this any time you're wanting a solid ROI against your time.


    On Page 219 you’ll be shown what Cognitive Bias looks like. With this at your disposal, you’ll finally find it easy to overcome those hidden stalls that hold people back from taking action.


    On Pages 279 through to 286 we’ll introduce you to Reverse Qualifiers. Whene everyone else is still trying 'overcoming objections', you’ll know how to get your potential buyer to knock their own objections out.


    When the concept of ‘Reverse Qualifiers’ are taught, they come with a single caveat:

    Reverse Qualifiers are as astoundingly simple as they are powerful and effective. For that reason, you’ll find it hard to believe that something so easy could work so well. Don’t be fooled. They are as powerful as you think they are.


    What are they here for?


    Not ‘overcoming objections’ like sales training of the past has aimed to teach but selling in such a way where ‘objections’ don’t even come into the equation at all.


    Not possible, you say?


    Perfect. Then it’s time for you to learn how to Reverse Qualify. 



    About the Authors:


    Steve Claydon:

    The motivator. The architect of flawless sales strategy. The master of reaching outcomes. With extensive experience within project related companies, Steve is well known for developing some of the most effective business growth strategies and creative sales tools in the industry. A 6x Sales Author, Responsible for $850 Million in additional sales growth across the globe. Above all, a proud husband and father of two girls.


    Darcy J Smyth:

    The precise predictor of your buyer’s thoughts. The psychological influence specialist. Those that have experienced Darcy’s work are most often left jaw-dropped by the depth of understanding into human behaviour and buying psychology he has amassed over the years. This is applied directly to your sales and marketing strategies for successful outcomes. Having worked with thousands of business owners and salespeople as a coach, mentor and trainer of buyer psychology, his obsession with the workings of the ‘buying brain’ has generated millions of dollars in sales.

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      Please note the hard copy of The Playbook is print on demand. Please allow 14 days for it to arrive to you. You will gain instant access to the Digital Version while you wait.

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