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Finally We Say Goodbye, Textbooks! The New Way of Learning Has Arrived


And it’s already getting results across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The sales professionals of the world have spoken.


They crave a sales training they actually want to attend. One they won’t have forgotten by next Monday when the phone starts ringing. One that’s more original than scripts and awkward ‘role plays’.

It’s called The Sales Game, and the experience sales leaders, their teams and support staff are having through playing it needs to be heard to be believed.


Well, now is your chance to hear them! Ready to know the the ins and outs of The Sales Game and how it’s taking the sales world by storm?

Here, you can listen along to the audiobook in your browser.


Alternatively, you can download the full ‘Sales Game’ audiobook and PDF for free, using the links below.

The Sales Game - AudiobookDarcy J Smyth & Steve Claydon
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